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Put It In A Jar

Rubik’s Cube In A Jar | As if Rubik’s cube wasn’t hard enough, someone had to come along and put it in a jar. The WHOLE, SOLID thing too – not in pieces (or so it would seem).

As a kid, meeting someone who could solve Rubik’s cube was like meeting a mythical god of some sort. It just wasn’t an easy thing to do. In the old days, before you could look up the algorithms on the internet, people who were dedicated enough to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube had to actually figure it out, layer by layer. This task was extremely difficult for most normal people, but there were a few exceptional folks who could solve the Rubik’s cube in minutes, sometimes even seconds.

But now there’s some nut job with way too much free time who’s decided to not only solve the Rubik’s cube, but to also put it in a glass jar containing an opening smaller than the cube itself. Of course no one really knows how this person was able to pull this off, but we can guess that it involved taking apart the entire cube, cubic piece by cubic piece, then gluing it all back together one by one while within the jar.

Chances are that the person who did this probably didn’t need to bother with learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube. Why bother when you can just take it apart and blow everyone’s minds anyway?

Another theory for how someone was able to do this involves cutting glass. We are unable to see the bottom of the glass jar from the image, but if we did, we might be able to make out a “scar” from the incision in the glass. Someone could have cut the bottom of the glass and slid the solved Rubik’s cube right in, then closed the opening with glass sealant.

However, the challenge now is getting the Rubik’s cube out of the jar. Can you think of a way to remove the Rubik’s cube from the jar without ungluing the cube? Tell us what you come up with!

This Is What We Call Zero Percent Fat

THIS IS WHAT ZERO PERCENT FAT LOOKS LIKE | The whole world is obsessed with being skinny, but one man can’t help but be at zero percent fat for the rest of his life.

Meet Tom Staniford, a nice guy living with Myelodysplastic Preleukemic syndrome, also known as MDP syndrome, a condition in which his body is unable to store fat under his skin. MDP is an extremely rare metabolic disorder, which is currently known to affect only a total of eight people in the entire world.

People with MDP all share the same “no fat whatsoever” characteristics, which include the appearance of sunken eyes, cheeks, and withered lips.

Tom Staniford was born at a totally normal weight, but his condition has caused him to “shrink” in appearance throughout the years. Now at 23 years of age, Tom’s whole body is pretty much just skin and bone.

As a person living with such a rare condition, Tom is somewhat of a medical wonder. No doubt he has been a very interesting case for medical experts, and often undergoes tests specially designed to measure his entire body’s physiological state.

Looking at him straight on, you can see that Tom has more than just a skinny face. Where most people would usually have a good amount of flesh covering their eyes and cheeks, Tom’s face is so skinny that you can see his skull’s shape and structure.

None of this really matters to Tom, of course. In fact, Tom does not seem to be that deeply affected by his condition. His photos show him doing and being totally normal with the people in his life. In addition to this, Tom is super athletic. Considering himself a fitness junkie, he can be seen bicycling and going on all kinds of adventures.

Despite his unusual appearance and unique and seemingly fragile frame, Tom lives life to the fullest. To him, his condition is one that is literally only skin deep.

Mole With The Size Of His Entire Back

LITTLE BOY WITH MOLE THE SIZE OF HIS ENTIRE BACK | Many people are born with birthmarks, moles, and other au naturel markings that are seen as nothing but small but special little evidences of uniqueness. It’s quite normal to have little spot here and there that’s unique only to you, and even many women call their beloved moles “beauty marks.” But sometimes, nature goes a little too far and a little boy is born with a mole on his back so big that it keeps him from living a normal life.

Little Didier Montalvo is a boy from Columbia who was born with a medical disorder known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus – AKA giant mole disease. In this case, Didier’s mole was so big that it took up his entire back (a back-end view in photographs makes him resemble a ninja turtle just a little) and posed such a health risk that it was either remove the mole or possibly suffer from a multitude of deteriorating health effects. Literally, the mole was taking all his nourishment and feeding itself like a parasitic monster!

Luckily, Didier was able to undergo a special type of surgery that successfully separated him from his giant mole, allowing him to live a normal life, free from physical hindrances.

But the surgery also helped him live a normal life in the eyes of the public. Prior to this surgery, people in his community were afraid to touch or go near Didier because they were afraid that his mole was some kind of a manifestation of an evil spirit. The people of the community also feared that if they touched him, they too would contract whatever he had (an obviously false assumption).

Now, thanks to his surgery, Didier will no longer be hindered or bothered by people’s ignorant superstitions. But Who cares what they think? The cool thing now is that Didier can finally run around and play like a normal little boy.

Corset For 3 Years In A Row

GIRL WEARS A CORSET FOR 3 YEARS IN A ROW | The worldwide struggle for a tiny waist is one of the woman-kind’s most nagging concerns. The ideal hourglass figure has been an attractive quality to both men and women for hundreds and thousands of years, and it is something for which women are willing to suffer.Michelle Kobke is one of those women who are willing to suffer greatly for beauty.

At 24 years of old, Michelle, who lives in Germany, is obsessed with achieving the smallest waist in the world. She is so keen on the idea that she has been wearing corsets every single day for three years in a row, determined to permanently alter her physical shape through long-term reconditioning/molding.

When you think about it, the idea of the corset is not new at all. In fact, for hundreds of years, it’s what all women wore every single day, for their entire lives. Just one hundred or so years ago, it was perfectly normal for a woman at any age to wear a corset that was designed to constrict her waist to look three times smaller than would be natural for any real human.

With this in mind, what Michelle is doing is not that strange at all – except for the fact that at this point in history we’ve already proven that wearing corsets for long periods of time can result in a myriad of health problems, including digestive problems and breathing problems.

So far, Michelle’s waist-altering project is a success. Since wearing her corset for three years, she has indeed been able to physically alter the shape of her waist. Her photos show that even when she is not wearing a corset, her torso and waist still maintain the small shape of the corset. Though her waist is still not as small as she would like, technically speaking, her strategy is working.

Offer Reward on Facebook

Family of missing Sabah boy offer reward on Facebook | KOTA KINABALU: Anxiety is growing among the family of missing three-year-old Low Meng Yew (pic) (also known as Liu Mingyou) who was kidnapped during a carjacking early Friday.

There has been no word or calls since he went missing over 24-hours earlier as a special task force continue to investigate his whereabouts while they stepped up checks on all air and sea exit points from Sabah.Kota Kinabalu district police chief Asst Comm Jauteh Jikun said that they have yet to get any breakthrough in the case.

"There has been no calls or any leads on the kidnapper,'' he said when contacted on Saturday.

Meng Yew was taken by a suspected car thief who drove off with his father's (Low Yee Sheng, 31) four-wheel drive vehicle that left with its engine running as he had gone to use the toilet at a petrol kiosk at Kg Air in town here at about 5.50am on Friday.The car was found at the Atkinson Tower parking lot along Signal Hill about 2.5kms from the scene at about 9.30am the same day but the child was missing.

Police had said that Yee Sheng had left his house in Telipok with Meng Yew after a quarrel with his wife at about 5am and headed straight into the city's Kg Air area in town when the incident occurred.Police, who recorded statements of family members, believe that the case is not be related to any family disputes.They now suspect it was a crime of opportunity as the vehicle was left running.

In a Facebook posting family member Michelle Lim said they were offering RM20,000 reward for the return of Meng Yew who was last wearing a green shirt and blue pants.The family who have yet to make any appeals through the mainstream media have been posting and sharing the boy's pictures and making appeals on Facebook urging people with any knowledge of the boy's whereabouts to to call 013 8685336 or 013 8605336.

In her post on her Facebook page, Lim said; "Little Mingyou you've been missing for so many hours, we miss you so badly. I wonder if you're hungry? naughty? crying? You keep appearing in my mind, just can't stop thinking of you. Dear God, can you hear everyone is praying? Please send him back to us, our hearts breaking. I miss your hug your kiss your laugh your manja.''

the Man Who Runs Full Marathons with a Fridge on His Back

The Inspiring Story of Tony the Fridge, the Man Who Runs Full Marathons with a Fridge on His Back | Tony ‘the fridge’ Phoenix-Morrison got his name from his unique way of running marathons – with a fridge strapped to his back. Yes, a real refrigerator. Why on earth would anyone want to do that, you ask? Well, for Tony, this is a way to gain people’s attention so he can raise money for charity.

“My friends knew I was an ultra-runner, so trying to raise money by just running the Great North Run wasn’t getting me anywhere,” said the 49-year-old marketing manager from South Tyneside, in the UK. “So I thought about something different. I wanted an extreme challenge, something that would push me to my limits. In 2011, I told everyone I was running with a fridge and the world went mad for it! I ended up on the news in 17 different countries over night.”

Contrary to expectations, Tony isn’t really trying to show off his strength by running with the 42 kg Smeg Fridge. “I hate the fridge,” he insisted. “It starts off tough, then gets impossible. I don’t put it on for show. I should never have ran with the fridge because I was injured when I began. I went running with kettle bells in a rucksack and it swung everywhere, damaging my lower back.” According to Tony, there is no other way to prepare for the physically grueling marathon than by being mentally strong.

The story of how Tony got into running in the first place is an emotional one. It all started when he was just 12 years old, and his dad had died. He used to hide under his bed at the time and escape into a secret world, but when his brother found him out, the secret was lost. The next time he felt like escaping the stresses of reality, he just ran. “I stood up from my chair in school and the teachers were begging, ‘don’t run Tony, please.’ They thought once I started I wouldn’t stop. I was like Forrest Gump. I was running away from my problems. It was an escape for me at the time, a medicine to my problems.”

On his Facebook page, Tony describes himself as an ‘Extreme Endurance Athlete and Ultra Runner’. He also wrote about his reason for his fridge challenge: “I am a charity fund raiser for the Bobby Robson Foundation. Using the extreme feats of physical endurance I want to raise awareness and raise money to aid in the battle against cancer.” Tony himself has lost loved ones to cancer, so he said that the cause is very close to his heart. If it could make a difference, he wouldn’t mind carrying the fridge to the four corners of the earth to promote this cause.

The concept of ‘Tony the Fridge’ started in September 2011, when he was the first man to complete the Great North Run in under three hours carrying a fridge on his back. During that first run, nothing really went in his favor. “By the 11th mile both of my calves had gone and I was in a bad state,” he said. “Just completing it was a great relief. I wanted to use the fridge to get people’s attention and think about what cancer is like, carrying this heavy load every day. I couldn’t give myself cancer for charity, but I could give myself a burden like this, experiencing pure toil and struggle.”

Then, in May 2012, he successfully completed the Marathon of the North, with the fridge to keep him company. One of his most epic challenges was the ’30 Great North Runs in 30 days’. It consisted of 29 days spent in the run up to the Great North Run and the 30th day was actual Great North Run. It was during this challenge that he raised a huge sum of money towards cancer research. In the past three years, Tony has completed about 10 marathon challenges with the fridge. He took part in his last challenge – the 24 hour marathon – running four 42 kilometer marathons in a single day. With the fridge, of course.

Unfortunately, Tony was forced to abandon his mission just after completing the second marathon. “I was hit by a sunstroke – it was a very hot day – but I’m trying to raise awareness for people who have been struck down with a sudden illness so maybe it was ironic,” he said. “I still have no feeling in six of my toes. The doctors said if I’d ran another five miles I would have broke both my feet because of the weight of the fridge.” He also said that this would probably be his last challenge with the fridge, since he did not want to take attention away from other fundraisers.

Disease-Carrying Ratzillas Are a Much More Real Threat

Forget Godzilla, Disease-Carrying Ratzillas Are a Much More Real Threat | As though they weren’t bad enough at their normal size, we now have rats that are bigger than cats. Oh, the horror! Several ‘ratzilla’ stories have been in the news recently, featuring shockingly massive rats. I wouldn’t blame you for wondering if these pictures are Photoshopped, but they’re not – the supersize rats look like they’ve been loading up on steroids or something. These ‘pumped’ rats have infested several countries around the world and are quickly becoming a huge menace to humans.

A series of ratzilla-sightings have been reported across the UK, the largest one being 2 ft. long. It was lurking about in the loft of a home, terrifying the residents with loud scratching sounds. “This was followed by the really loud sound of wood being chewed,” said homeowner Grace Walters. “Pest control put a camera in the attic to see what was going on – and sure enough the rat was there, hiding in a corner. They had to cut a hole in the ceiling to reach it and when they grabbed it, none of us could believe it was the size of a cat.”

The incident was nothing short of traumatic for Ms. Walters and her family. “It’s quite scary a rat can grow this big and strong, especially when you have kids in the house.” According to pest controller Marcus Giusti, who captured the monster rat, it’s a very dangerous animal to have in a house. “We’ve been shocked by the number and size of rats recently,” he said. “This could be down to household waste being dumped around estates and the climate warming. It hasn’t been cold enough to kill rats off this winter. There’s an endless amount of food in the sewers where they live and if they’re living longer and eating lots, they’ll be getting bigger.”

Just a week before the Walters incident, Erik Korsas and his family were shocked when a large rat, almost 16 inches long and 2.2 pounds in weight, entered the kitchen of their Stockholm apartment. Erik’s wife Signe and his two daughters Dana, 17, and Erica, 15, screamed in horror and fled from the kitchen. Even the family cat was terrified – it refused to go anywhere near the rat. It was up to Erik and his sons – 13-year-old Justus and 6-year-old Laurentius to hunt down the rodent. They set up a giant rat trap in the kitchen and went to investigate when the trap was sprung. The kids brought Erik a variety of tools to establish that the rat had really died.

In the picture, you can spot Erik holding the rat by its leg with a pair of large plastic tongs. Its head is still attached to the trap, but its eyes look scarily alive. The family took the picture as soon as they caught the rat and then contacted Sweden’s Home and Rent website. Soon, the story was lapped up by media all over the nation. Last month, the picture of the ‘mega rat’ was the most shared item from the popular Swedish daily Aftonbladet. Soon, it was being passed around on various social media websites as well.

Ever since the photograph went viral, Erik has been receiving lots of messages and suggestions. One reporter had said that Erik should have frozen the rat’s carcass instead of throwing it away. Others expressed doubt over the picture, wondering if the rat was digitally ‘enhanced’. “What surprised me is people say they cannot even read the articles and cannot go to sleep because of this story,” Erik said. The Korsas’ kitchen has been repaired now, but the family hasn’t recovered from the incident – they’re expecting their next furry visitor to appear at any moment now.

It turns out that scientists had predicted this abnormality in rats a long time ago. In fact, it is believed in many scientific circles that rats will slowly evolve to grow larger and larger – someday reaching the size of sheep. Rats are known to be great at survival and adapting to their surroundings. The rodents are actually immune to many poisons now. According to Dr. Jan Zalasiewicz, “Given enough time, rats could probably grow to be at least as large as the capybara, the world’s largest rodent that lives today, that can reach 80 kilograms.”

“There will be future thin rats, future fat rats, slow and heavy rats, fast and ferocious rats, probably future aquatic rats – the list goes on. Other animals will likely follow the same pattern, such as domestic cats, rabbits, goats and more.” But don’t bother losing sleep over the thought of supersized animals taking over the world, it’s probably going to take several centuries for anything like that to happen. In the meantime, perhaps it’s time for a new movie franchise – ‘Planet of the Rats’?

Korean Plastic Surgery Have Gotten So Extreme

Korean Plastic Surgeries Have Gotten So Extreme Surgeons Are Issuing Special Certificates to Prove People Are Who They Say They Are | South Korean plastic surgeons are among the best in the world. In fact they’re so good that people from other countries like China and Japan are actually having trouble getting back home.

That’s sounds really crazy, but it’s true. When most people get a nose job or a lip job, they just look like ‘enhanced’ versions of themselves. But people returning from a plastic surgery vacation in South Korea are truly transformed. You’d have to look very closely at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, and even then, it’s hard to make a connection. So I suppose you couldn’t really blame airport officials for stopping these tourists from returning home.

Thankfully, Korean hospitals have found a way to work around the issue. They are now handing out ‘plastic surgery certificates’ on request to overseas patients. These certificates include the patient’s passport number, the duration of stay, the name and location of the hospital and the hospital’s official seal. Travelers can use the certificate to help convince immigration officials on the return trip home.

In a bizarre incident, a total of 23 women were recently held back at Chinese immigration. They were between the ages of 36 and 54, and had bigger eyes, higher noses and slimmer chins than depicted on their passports. “After they took off their huge hats and big sunglasses following our request, we saw them looking different, with bandages and stiches here and there,” said Chen Tao, a Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Officer. “We had to compare their uncorrected parts with their photos very carefully.”

While the average photo-to-person verification process takes about 45 seconds, officers had to spend several minutes identifying each woman. “They told the officers that they are friends and that they had gone to South Korea together to have cosmetic surgery,” said Chen. “After they passed the identification, we asked them all to renew their passports immediately.”

In 2011, about 2,500 medical tourists visited South Korea. The number increased ten-fold last year, to a whopping 25,176 visitors. Interestingly, a majority of these tourists are from China. While the Chinese are gaining in prosperity, they don’t seem to trust their doctors anymore. According to plastic surgeon Park Byong-choon, “Chinese parents come to Korea even for childbirth. The death of a young singer under a Chinese cosmetic surgeon’s knife a few years ago makes people think twice about doing it at home.”

Tiny Fairies Flying In English Countryside

University Lecturer Claims to Have Photographed Tiny Fairies Flying in English Countryside | This could be one of the most significant discoveries in human history. Or one of biggest hoaxes. John Hyatt, a 53-year-old professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, claims to have taken photographs of tiny fairies in the English countryside. His pictures show tiny winged humanoid creatures floating flying in swarms. The professor is now on a mission to get more and more adults to believe that the fairies are real, and ‘bring a bit of a magic into their lives’.

Hyatt is the director of the Manchester Institute of Research and Innovation in Art and Design (MIRIAD) at the Metropolitan  University. He is believed to have snapped the pictures while he was out photographing the Lancashire landscape over the past two years. The photographs are now on display in a special exhibition called Rossendale Fairies at the Whitaker Museum in Whitaker Park, Rossendale. Hyatt insists that they are 100 percent real and not Photoshopped. The pictures have gone viral ever since he released them to the public. People all over the world are quite baffled over his claims, and some are beginning to believe him.

“It was a bit of a shock when I blew them up, I did a double take,” he said. “I went out afterwards and took pictures of flies and gnats and they just don’t look the same. People can decide for themselves what they are.” Hyatt, a former member of The Three Johns punk band in the ‘80s and ‘90s, said that the message to people is to approach these creatures with an open mind. “I think it’s one of those situations where you need to believe to see,” he admitted.

 Hyatt’s story reminds us of the famous Cottingley fairies that were photographed by two schoolgirls in Bradford, decades ago. 60 years later, they revealed that they had faked the pictures using cardboard cut-outs. But Hyatt says that the creatures he snapped are very different from the fairies depicted in children’s books. “Everything is stereotyped,” he said. “But there are stranger things in life than fairies, and life grows everywhere.”

“I don’t believe they are just smaller versions of us and go home and have a cup of tea at the end of the day,” Hyatt pointed out. “And no one is suggesting they have any special powers. From my experience, they were just enjoying themselves and there was a little dance in the sunlight going on. They are just beautiful pictures and beauty can make people believe.”