Mystery of the Round Rocks In Costa Rica

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Mystery of the Round Rocks In Costa Rica

Mystery of the Round Rocks In Costa Rica | In 1930 , during the clearing of forests Costa Rica to open a banana, United Fruit Company workers found a large stone ball that is embedded in the forest. The mysterious balls later became jewelry on display in front of government buildings, homes of the rich and several other companies in Costa Rica .

Many of the damaged stone balls , etc. had been blown up by treasure hunters to find the hidden gold in the stone balls . Over the next decade , about 300 miles dug especially Diquis Delta region . Stone balls of various sizes , ranging from a few centimeters to over 2 meters , found in the woods .

The average weight up to 15 tons. Some of them , as reported , will be in the exact location where they were found , but a lot of people who then move the stone ball . Some of these balls were also damaged due to erosion , fires and vandalism.

Although very difficult to estimate the age of the rocks , the rocks are believed to have been carved around 600 BC. There is a possibility the ball is related to the growing Diquis culture between 700 BC and 1530 BC in what is now known as Costa Rica .

Rocks are covered by the United Nations , UNESCO , stating that it is a heritage of humanity .

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