Corset For 3 Years In A Row

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Corset For 3 Years In A Row

GIRL WEARS A CORSET FOR 3 YEARS IN A ROW | The worldwide struggle for a tiny waist is one of the woman-kind’s most nagging concerns. The ideal hourglass figure has been an attractive quality to both men and women for hundreds and thousands of years, and it is something for which women are willing to suffer.Michelle Kobke is one of those women who are willing to suffer greatly for beauty.

At 24 years of old, Michelle, who lives in Germany, is obsessed with achieving the smallest waist in the world. She is so keen on the idea that she has been wearing corsets every single day for three years in a row, determined to permanently alter her physical shape through long-term reconditioning/molding.

When you think about it, the idea of the corset is not new at all. In fact, for hundreds of years, it’s what all women wore every single day, for their entire lives. Just one hundred or so years ago, it was perfectly normal for a woman at any age to wear a corset that was designed to constrict her waist to look three times smaller than would be natural for any real human.

With this in mind, what Michelle is doing is not that strange at all – except for the fact that at this point in history we’ve already proven that wearing corsets for long periods of time can result in a myriad of health problems, including digestive problems and breathing problems.

So far, Michelle’s waist-altering project is a success. Since wearing her corset for three years, she has indeed been able to physically alter the shape of her waist. Her photos show that even when she is not wearing a corset, her torso and waist still maintain the small shape of the corset. Though her waist is still not as small as she would like, technically speaking, her strategy is working.

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