Japanese Idol Looking Like Creature from Harry Potter

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Japanese Idol Looking Like Creature from Harry Potter

Obsession with Plastic Surgery Leaves Japanese Idol Looking Like Creature from Harry Potter | Rina Nanase, a 25-year-old Japanese idol has put herself through so much plastic surgery that she now sort of looks like Dobby the Elf from the Harry Potter films. The resemblance is uncanny – the large eyes, long nose, and pointed chin. The weirdest part is the once beautiful girl is actually proud of her new look…

In her original photographs, Rina looks like a sweet, normal young girl with a cherubic face. But in the past year, she underwent all sorts of transformations – all of which she chronicled on her Twitter account – that she seems like a totally different person. She has made several changes to her eyes, nose and chin that left her looking strange to many of her former fans. Still, Ms. Nanase was surprised to receive such negative reactions to her facial enhancements, as she doesn’t seem to think her looks have changed that much.

One of the first pictures that Rina posted on Twitter was that of her at 17-year-old. Most people would agree that she looked cute and healthy back then, but to Rina, that was a different person with a fat nose and beady eyes. She then posted another picture of her ‘idol era prime’, of which she also wasn’t very proud. Then the plastic surgery procedures took center stage on her social media page, with photos from her nose lengthening operation, her chin sharpening intervention, and so on.

Below are photos of how she used to look :

This is Rina after her first plastic surgeries :

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