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Put It In A Jar

Rubik’s Cube In A Jar | As if Rubik’s cube wasn’t hard enough, someone had to come along and put it in a jar. The WHOLE, SOLID thing too – not in pieces (or so it would seem).

As a kid, meeting someone who could solve Rubik’s cube was like meeting a mythical god of some sort. It just wasn’t an easy thing to do. In the old days, before you could look up the algorithms on the internet, people who were dedicated enough to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube had to actually figure it out, layer by layer. This task was extremely difficult for most normal people, but there were a few exceptional folks who could solve the Rubik’s cube in minutes, sometimes even seconds.

But now there’s some nut job with way too much free time who’s decided to not only solve the Rubik’s cube, but to also put it in a glass jar containing an opening smaller than the cube itself. Of course no one really knows how this person was able to pull this off, but we can guess that it involved taking apart the entire cube, cubic piece by cubic piece, then gluing it all back together one by one while within the jar.

Chances are that the person who did this probably didn’t need to bother with learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube. Why bother when you can just take it apart and blow everyone’s minds anyway?

Another theory for how someone was able to do this involves cutting glass. We are unable to see the bottom of the glass jar from the image, but if we did, we might be able to make out a “scar” from the incision in the glass. Someone could have cut the bottom of the glass and slid the solved Rubik’s cube right in, then closed the opening with glass sealant.

However, the challenge now is getting the Rubik’s cube out of the jar. Can you think of a way to remove the Rubik’s cube from the jar without ungluing the cube? Tell us what you come up with!

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