This Is What We Call Zero Percent Fat

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This Is What We Call Zero Percent Fat

THIS IS WHAT ZERO PERCENT FAT LOOKS LIKE | The whole world is obsessed with being skinny, but one man can’t help but be at zero percent fat for the rest of his life.

Meet Tom Staniford, a nice guy living with Myelodysplastic Preleukemic syndrome, also known as MDP syndrome, a condition in which his body is unable to store fat under his skin. MDP is an extremely rare metabolic disorder, which is currently known to affect only a total of eight people in the entire world.

People with MDP all share the same “no fat whatsoever” characteristics, which include the appearance of sunken eyes, cheeks, and withered lips.

Tom Staniford was born at a totally normal weight, but his condition has caused him to “shrink” in appearance throughout the years. Now at 23 years of age, Tom’s whole body is pretty much just skin and bone.

As a person living with such a rare condition, Tom is somewhat of a medical wonder. No doubt he has been a very interesting case for medical experts, and often undergoes tests specially designed to measure his entire body’s physiological state.

Looking at him straight on, you can see that Tom has more than just a skinny face. Where most people would usually have a good amount of flesh covering their eyes and cheeks, Tom’s face is so skinny that you can see his skull’s shape and structure.

None of this really matters to Tom, of course. In fact, Tom does not seem to be that deeply affected by his condition. His photos show him doing and being totally normal with the people in his life. In addition to this, Tom is super athletic. Considering himself a fitness junkie, he can be seen bicycling and going on all kinds of adventures.

Despite his unusual appearance and unique and seemingly fragile frame, Tom lives life to the fullest. To him, his condition is one that is literally only skin deep.

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