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Dress Rental Business Make Men Feel Like Princess

Japanese Dress Rental Business Helps Men Feel Like Princesses | Mary Mariee is a Japanese company that rents out women’s formal wear. But they’ve recently tapped into a rather new market – men who want to be princesses for a day. For only about $600, the company offers men a chance to dress up and be photographed in elegant wedding attire or ball gowns of their choice. The special package is in so much demand that the shop has dressed over 100 men so far.

The shop, located in Chubu, central Japan, boasts of an extensive collection of women’s outfits – ranging from kimonos to white wedding gowns. At first, they ran a special package for women who wanted fancy photographs of themselves. But soon, they started to receive several enquiries from men as well. The response was so overwhelming that they decided to create an exclusive package for men. “We concluded that men want to feel like princesses too,” said store manager Hitomi Iseki.

So the store identified about a hundred dresses that are explicitly set aside for their male clientele. These dresses can be altered to fit the male physique. The package includes grooming, make up, and dressing up, before they get to be photographed. They’ve partnered with a nearby barber shop to shave the men’s faces and shampoo their hair before the make-up session. Prep time is about two hours, followed by an extensive photo-shoot in the clients’ favorite gowns . The service costs 39,800 ($390) yen on weekdays and 59,800 ($580) yen on weekends and holidays, not including tax.

Mary Mariee seems to be quite happy to offer this service, and they aren’t being judgmental of the men who choose to use it. They also offer similar sessions to women who want to be photographed in men’s clothes. “We want to provide opportunities for people to enjoy showing their real selves, whether they are men or women,” said the manager.

A Device That Lets You Take Your Fish for a Walk

Behold the Aquatic Perambulator – A Device That Lets You Take Your Fish for a Walk | Seven years ago, when Mike Warren-Madden worried that his pet fish Malcolm was getting bored, he decided to do something about it. He spent weeks at the drawing board, designing a unique device – an Aquatic Perambulator – that would allow him to take his fish for a walk. The pram helped Malcolm live a more exciting life; he was probably the most adventurous fish to ever live in a bowl. Sadly, Malcolm is now dead, but the pram still works.

The Aquatic Pram is about four foot tall and made from laser-cut mild steel. Mike, a former sheet metal worker, has spent the better part of the past seven years tinkering with the pram, trying to make it better. With the initial design, he didn’t take the weight of the water into account. So he’s modified it over the years. “I’ve added better elastic to take the shock out of the water and I hope to get better wheels,” he said.

“Because of my background as a sheet metal worker I have been able to build this at little cost – but for someone else it would cost hundreds to make,” Mike pointed out. “I think I’d like someone to come forward and help me motorize it perhaps with a remote control.” He also hopes that an entrepreneur will come forward to invest in the Aquatic Perambulator. 

The 60-year-old from West Yorkshire said that he often took Malcolm on walks around town and trips to the pub. “We had some right looks around town, we stopped traffic, but everyone had got into it now. It’s not every day you see someone taking a fish for a walk,” said Mike. “If a fish is in a bowl on a shelf swimming in circles it must get bored. I decided it would be fun to take it out with me down the pub.” Perhaps the active lifestyle really did help, because the fish lived until the grand old age of 12. “Malcolm lived to almost 12 years old, I think he was getting something out of it,” said Mike.

Stop Telling Women To Smile

"You'd Look Prettier If You Smiled!"—Finally, Here's the Perfect Response | SMILE! Men say this to me all the time. Everywhere I go. In response, I force a little smile and hustle along on my way, but I immediately dislike myself for doing so. Why can't I just unapologetically walk around with my normal default facial expression (and introverted disposition)? If I were a man, I could.

I once figured "smile!" was an NYC-centric phenomenon, what with us all bumping up against one another on the sidewalks all the time, but no. It has followed me out to the 'burbs. Just the other day, a male employee at the Union, N.J., Costco sidled up to my cart to issue a "You'd look so much prettier if you smiled." Seriously? Can't an exhausted mom just shop for her food-service-size plastic canister of Jelly Bellys in peace, without smiling prettily for the pleasure of any men who may be looking at her?

The answer is apparently no, but at least one woman has come up with a better response than just pasting on a smile, as I was delighted to read over at The Atlantic today. Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh got sick of what she calls "gender-based street harassment" and has been fighting back with a public art series called Stop Telling Women to Smile. She sits down with women to talk about their own experiences with unwanted comments from men they don't know and asks them what they want to say to those men. She puts those words on portraits of the women and posts them on the street.

Now obviously street harassment can get much more serious than a mere "smile," as the women's anecdotes in the Atlantic video convey. And I know there are some of you out there—perhaps those who are naturally more outgoing than me and do not suffer from resting bitchface—who will argue that guys are just trying to be friendly when they make this common comment. I agree that some of these men seem nice enough (others aren't and, as one of Tatyana's portrait subjects notes, get angry when you don't respond to them in the way they want). But I would prefer not to have people commenting on my mood. I don't tell random men to cheer up because it's not so bad. I don't tell them they would be more handsome if they smiled and then expect them to flash me a sweet smile in return, or else heckle them.

This is The Way Chinese People Sleep

Sleeping Chinese People | German photographer Bernd Hagemann has long been fascinated by China and its people, particularly the way they slept at every street corner and in the strangest positions and situations. Some even snore in deep slumber. Bernd began photographing and putting them on his website Sleeping Chinese. Since 2002, he was snapped over 700 photographs of Chinese sleeping in seemingly impossible positions: under trucks, on shopping carts, scooters and butcher slabs, vividly illustrating the millions of weary masses who help power the nation.

Never Ever Try to Kiss a Snapping Turtle

This Why You Should Never, Ever Try to Kiss a Snapping Turtle | Here’s a way to save thousands on Botox treatments and still achieve a perfectly natural swollen pout – just kiss a snapping turtle! A man from China’s Fujian Province tried it recently; I don’t know what he was thinking kissing a turtle that is known to have a vicious bite that can actually break a human finger. This guy locked lips with his pet and what happened next was pretty much expected – it latched on and refused to let go.

Pictures of the not-so-sweet kiss were doing the rounds of China’s social networking website, Weibo. Apparently, the man’s friends clicked pictures and found them too hilarious not to share with the world. They even updated ‘after’ shots of the injuries – the man is seen nursing a huge lip that can put the most bizarre plastic surgeries to shame. Ouch, that must have hurt real bad!

According to news reports, the ‘Alligator snapping turtle’ was a pet about to be released. It was not native to China, hence damaging to its ecosystem. These exotic pets require expert handling, which is obviously not this man’s forte. Just before letting the turtle go, he decided on the impromptu peck. As you can see, it wasn’t the brightest idea. I just think he’s incredibly lucky that the amphibian did not decide to keep a piece of his lip as a parting souvenir!