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Korean Plastic Surgery Have Gotten So Extreme

Korean Plastic Surgeries Have Gotten So Extreme Surgeons Are Issuing Special Certificates to Prove People Are Who They Say They Are | South Korean plastic surgeons are among the best in the world. In fact they’re so good that people from other countries like China and Japan are actually having trouble getting back home.

That’s sounds really crazy, but it’s true. When most people get a nose job or a lip job, they just look like ‘enhanced’ versions of themselves. But people returning from a plastic surgery vacation in South Korea are truly transformed. You’d have to look very closely at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, and even then, it’s hard to make a connection. So I suppose you couldn’t really blame airport officials for stopping these tourists from returning home.

Thankfully, Korean hospitals have found a way to work around the issue. They are now handing out ‘plastic surgery certificates’ on request to overseas patients. These certificates include the patient’s passport number, the duration of stay, the name and location of the hospital and the hospital’s official seal. Travelers can use the certificate to help convince immigration officials on the return trip home.

In a bizarre incident, a total of 23 women were recently held back at Chinese immigration. They were between the ages of 36 and 54, and had bigger eyes, higher noses and slimmer chins than depicted on their passports. “After they took off their huge hats and big sunglasses following our request, we saw them looking different, with bandages and stiches here and there,” said Chen Tao, a Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Officer. “We had to compare their uncorrected parts with their photos very carefully.”

While the average photo-to-person verification process takes about 45 seconds, officers had to spend several minutes identifying each woman. “They told the officers that they are friends and that they had gone to South Korea together to have cosmetic surgery,” said Chen. “After they passed the identification, we asked them all to renew their passports immediately.”

In 2011, about 2,500 medical tourists visited South Korea. The number increased ten-fold last year, to a whopping 25,176 visitors. Interestingly, a majority of these tourists are from China. While the Chinese are gaining in prosperity, they don’t seem to trust their doctors anymore. According to plastic surgeon Park Byong-choon, “Chinese parents come to Korea even for childbirth. The death of a young singer under a Chinese cosmetic surgeon’s knife a few years ago makes people think twice about doing it at home.”

Suzy Revealed to Have Donated 10 Million Won for Pediatric Cancer Patients Every Year

Suzy Revealed to Have Donated 10 Million Won for Pediatric Cancer Patients Every Year | It has been revealed that Suzy has been making donations in secret.

JYP Entertainment told Newsen on May 2, “It is true that she made a donation on April 30 in celebration of Children’s day (May 5). She made a personal donation without announcing it to the agency.”

Miss A’s Suzy has been secretly making donations in the amount of 10 million won every year to be used for the pediatric cancer patients. Her charitable actions were revealed when one hospital decided to announce it. 

Suzy’s 10 million won donation has been given to two hospitals every year. One hospital decided not to reveal her name upon receiving her request but another hospital decided to reveal it, which led to news reports claiming that Suzy has been making 5 million won donations. 

Suzy previously donated 50 million won to help out the victims and families of sunken Sewol ferry. 

IU To Donate All The Earnings Of Her 'Small Theater Solo Concert' for Sewol victims

IU to donate all the earnings of her 'Small Theater Solo Concert' for Sewol victims | IU is going to donate all the earnings of her comeback 'Small Theater Solo Concert' for the victims and families of Sewol tragedy.

Prior to her pending comeback, IU is going to hold a solo concert "Just One Step...That Much More" at Sogang University Mary Hall starting on May 22 until 25. It will resume on May 29 until June 1. In result, IU is holding a total of 8 solo concerts. The total amount of earnings from these concert is going to proceed to Sewol victims and their families.

Earlier this month, her agency announced that IU is coming back with a remake album of her classic and hit songs.

Such a meaningful concert for IU and her fans.

Seo Kang Jun Surprises Fans And The Cast Of 'Roommate'

Seo Kang Jun surprises fans and the cast of 'Roommate'| Seo Kang Jun has been making a name for himself as a rookie actor, and with his luxurious visuals and his past characters in dramas, fans as well as 'Roommate' cast were surprised to find out that the actor is currently living a much more modest lifestyle than expected.

On the first episode of 'Roommate' the rookie actor's actual dorm life will be shown before he enters the 'share house' with the other celebrity cast. It turns out he's currently living in cramped conditions in a small dorm with 7 people, including the members of his actor-idol group 5urprise. 

The members were also seen eating ramen, but wishing they could go out for some meat. In addition, Seo Kang Jun shares his wish for wanting to sleep on a bed as he and his members have no choice but to sleep crowded on the floor.

After entering the 'share house' for the new variety show, it's said he surprised his new roommates on their way to get groceries. Shin Sung Woo asked Seo Kang Jun to look up nearby markets on his phone, but Seo Kang Jun replied, "I use a 2G cellphone so I can't look it up," which surprised the others since it's rare to come across someone, especially of Seo Kang Jun's age and celebrity status, to be without a smartphone in Korea.

Japanese Idol Looking Like Creature from Harry Potter

Obsession with Plastic Surgery Leaves Japanese Idol Looking Like Creature from Harry Potter | Rina Nanase, a 25-year-old Japanese idol has put herself through so much plastic surgery that she now sort of looks like Dobby the Elf from the Harry Potter films. The resemblance is uncanny – the large eyes, long nose, and pointed chin. The weirdest part is the once beautiful girl is actually proud of her new look…

In her original photographs, Rina looks like a sweet, normal young girl with a cherubic face. But in the past year, she underwent all sorts of transformations – all of which she chronicled on her Twitter account – that she seems like a totally different person. She has made several changes to her eyes, nose and chin that left her looking strange to many of her former fans. Still, Ms. Nanase was surprised to receive such negative reactions to her facial enhancements, as she doesn’t seem to think her looks have changed that much.

One of the first pictures that Rina posted on Twitter was that of her at 17-year-old. Most people would agree that she looked cute and healthy back then, but to Rina, that was a different person with a fat nose and beady eyes. She then posted another picture of her ‘idol era prime’, of which she also wasn’t very proud. Then the plastic surgery procedures took center stage on her social media page, with photos from her nose lengthening operation, her chin sharpening intervention, and so on.

Below are photos of how she used to look :

This is Rina after her first plastic surgeries :

Sunday Shows All Stopped Including “Inkigayo” and “Running Man"

Sunday Shows, Including “Inkigayo” and “Running Man,” All Stopped While Dramas Continue to Air | The variety shows that were scheduled to air on Sunday, April 27 will be replaced with documentaries. Eleven days after the Sewol ferry accident, variety shows are still placed on hold as Korean television has been flooded with news reports regarding the tragedy. According to the three major broadcasting stations, Sunday night variety shows will not broadcast.

In replace of KBS‘ “Happy Sunday,” documentaries “A Trip with Scenery” and “Walking through the Earth” will be broadcasted during the time slot. Although KBS’ “Superman Returns” and “1 Night, 2 Days” were supposed to air from 4PM – 7PM (KST), it had been decided to halt the variety shows in light of the mourning country.

Furthermore, MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night” will not broadcast “Real Men.” In place of the usual schedule of “Daddy, Where Are We Going? Season 2” and “Real Men,” the broadcast station will air a 100 minute highlight special of “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” starting from 6:15 PM (KST).

Although Sundays are the days which SBS airs its live music show, “Inkigayo,” the music show will be canceled for the day. In addition, instead of airing its usual “Good Sunday” broadcasts such as “Running Man,” SBS will instead show the documentary “The Last Tundra – Brothers of the Bears” starting from 5:35 PM (KST). Afterward at 6:35 PM, a special episode of “Law of the Jungle -Friends of the Wild” will highlight the different wild animals that were seen throughout the three years of filming “Law of the Jungle.”

However, despite the cancelation of variety shows, Sunday dramas will continue to be shown. MBC’s “Jang Bori is Here” and “Hotel King,” KBS’ “Wonderful Days” and “Jung Do Jun,” and SBS’ “Glorious Day” and “Angel Eyes” will continue to broadcast on its regular schedules.

Kim Jong Kook Donates 50 Million Won to Sewol Victims

Kim Jong Kook Donates 50 Million Won After Paying Respects to Sewol Victims | Kim Jong Kook’s agency spoke with Newsen on April 28, saying, “Kim Jong Kook donated 50 million won today to the Korea Disaster Relief Association.

Kim Jong Kook also visited the temporary memorial altar at the Ansan Olympic Memorial Indoor Stadium on April 25 with the members of SBS’ Running Man to pay his respects. He made the 50 million won donation after showing wishes to donate.

“He wanted to donate to the Sewol victims, but he didn’t know where to do it, so he had to research several places. He decided on where to donate after he saw it agreed with his personal wishes.”